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Hey you! I'm damn excited to offer you year subscription-based access to my entire back catalogue, first dibs on singles & albums before they release, premiere viewing of my music videos before public release, and a 20% discount on all my merch!

Along with the subscription, as I mentioned, you get my entire back catalogue which includes over 70 tracks from my 5 mixtapes, as well as my debut album Lesser Restoration. You'll also receive every future track and music video I release before it goes public, so you'll always be exclusively plugged in no matter what. In addition to all of this, I'll be posting photos from music video sets, promo photo shoots, and studio sessions for subscribers only!

Lastly, my debut album Lesser Restoration will be a very limited print CD before we mail out to radio for its release, and I'll make sure to mail you a signed copy before they're all out! These CDs will only be available for subscribers, so sign up now and reap immediate gratification!

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Toussaint Morrison
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Toussaint Morrison is an actor/vocalist/evil enabler. Having released his 5th mixtape in unholy-matrimony and deadly cabal with producer Dr. Wylie, the hip-hop soul screamer have conspired a solo album, Lesser Restoration: Concocted with bar-close romance, racial disparity, and a mindset to die while standing up instead of on your knees (Ice Cube reference: check).

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