Minnesota (Radio Clean)

by Toussaint Morrison

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More commonly known as a hip-hop artist and soul singer, Toussaint Morrison is releasing his first single that will be more commonly as “that track with the banjo homeboy only sang on”. Alas, Mr. Morrison would have it no other way and is pushing not only the title of the song, but the culture of his homestate, Minnesota, as a relationship beyond dangerously sordid.

“Minnesota” is a song addressing the 1920 Duluth Lynchings., the largest mass-execution in US-history (Mankato, MN), the recent murder of black men (Jamar Clark, Philando Castile, Terrance Franklin, etc.) in Minnesota, and more directly- Morrison speaking to being not-white in a volatile state of racial disparity.

Hinging on his debut album “Lesser Restoration” as a solo artist, Minnesota features the multi-faceted talent of Minnesota-local musician Rick Widen on banjo, and Morrison’s phantom menace producer, Dr. Wylie, adding a touch of production.


She cares for me with cops
Looks after me with laws
Calls me "nigger" when I'm not around

Employs me with a job
Kisses me with snow
Keeps me alive to make the wheels go 'round

And you convince yourself it's ok
Because it's all you've known
Surrounded by white smiles
Waitin' for permission to hope

So, she takes me down to the ballot box
And let's me pray without the cross
Makes my bed and she lays me down
And she says she loves me
She says she loves me
She says she loves me
And I feel nothing
She says she loves me
She says she loves me
She says she loves me
And I feel...
Met her' back in '86
And she ain't been right since
I suspect somethin' long's been goin' on

I knew she had a past and all
And I believed her when she said those days were long gone
Until I took a good look at the ground

I saw pictures of Mankato
Pictures of Duluth
The video from Saint Paul
The dead spoke the truth

They said, "Old habits die hard,
but this money's one helluva drug.
She's got a dealer named legacy
and a drunk step daddy named America.

Brother, if you want to fight the good fight
Then you'll have to understand that she won't go by fallin' on her own sword
You'll have to reconstruct the handle to the blade, so there's a price to pick it up
'Cos we've all heard it before."
Well I marched all the way to her front door
Demanded to know what the hell is goin' on
She drew a smile with those big blue eyes
And said, "Why so serious.

They named schools and lakes after murderers
they called masters
They protect my land with murderers
they call officers

They got a prison cell made for ya
and a bullet with your name on it,
and every time I made your bed
was just to measure out the grave for ya.

I wasn't born this way.
Could you help me change?"
She grabs me by the throat
and holds me down


released September 27, 2016
Produced by Rick Widen, Dr. Wylie

Mixed by Dr. Wylie

Lyrics & Vocals by Toussaint Morrison

Mastered by Bruce Templeton



all rights reserved


Toussaint Morrison Minneapolis, Minnesota

Toussaint Morrison is an actor/vocalist/evil enabler. Having released his 5th mixtape in unholy-matrimony and deadly cabal with producer Dr. Wylie, the hip-hop soul screamer is conspiring a solo album chalk full of original material. Stay tuned for bonus material, vocals-only tracks, and tour dates. ... more


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